4 summer trends you simply must not miss

Summer is upon us and although the sun hasn't shown up quite as much as many of us would like, fortunately there is still a bit of summer left, where we cross our fingers for some lovely summer weather.

This year, summer is not quite as usual, for most people. Many of us must be at home in lovely Denmark and spend our time. However, this does not mean that we cannot dress up, shop and follow the new trends.

The summer offers some good trends this year and there is something for every taste. In our opinion, jewelry is always an important part of an outfit. You can dress your look up or down with different jewellery, depending on the occasion of the day.

(psst you can't go out the door without your favorite jewelry)

1. Bermuda shorts and green

We have seen a lot of Bermuda shorts, which are the most comfortable shorts ever!! They are loose, casual and can be worn for both parties and everyday life.

Together with the color green, you have the perfect outfit.

We see the trend now and have no doubt for a second that it will continue.

Mint green, pastel green plain green, green is a fresh and lovely color and it fits perfectly with the turquoise jewelery from Sistie .

2. Cardigans and tie dye

We've seen a lot of it in the past and it's still here. The popular tie dye pattern. It's different, summery and you can even make it yourself, on your old clothes that need new life. Add a nice cardigan and some nice jewelry to make it more feminine.

The beautiful geometric jewelery from our collection with Sara, Sara Emely by Sistie , gives the outfit some cool details and puts the finishing touch.

3. Blue and maxi dresses

Big dresses or maxi dresses, as they are called, have really become one of the big trends of the time. They are seen in different colors, shapes and patterns. A real summer dress.

Both high end brands such as Ganni and Stine Goya sell some super fine types, but also the slightly more budget-friendly brands such as H&M, Vero Moda, Only and the like make some that are at least as fine. They can be styled with hair bands and fine jewellery. Here we wanted to style with some fine Sistie jewelery in green tones and some of the jewelery from Sophie's collab with Sistie .

4. Cycling shorts, ankle chains and hoops

Cycling shorts are still the coolest! They were a huge hit last year with all the big fashion stars and the rest of us followed suit, right away. They are just as cool this year and are certainly still as modern. They can be styled with small, fine summer tops with a floral pattern or with a nice oversize t-shirt for a more casual look. There are so many different kinds, so it's just a matter of choosing what suits your style. Use the beautiful Becca anklets , a Lizzy bracelet and some hoops to make your look even cooler.

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