Anabel x Sistie

In connection with the launch of our Design Collab with singer/influencer Anabel Dermendjieva and her new jewelery collection, we held a cinema event on 10 October and a Dinner & Drinks event on 29 October to celebrate Anabel's success and the collection.
Anabel has written the finest title song for the new youth film "BEAUTIFUL". In this connection, together with SF, we held a cinema event on 10 October in the Hellerup cinema, where 64 guests were invited, including influencers, friends and family to Anabel.
Here, the guests got, among other things, an exclusive sneak peek at the new Anabel x Sistie jewelery collection. During the event, competitions were held where guests had the opportunity to win jewelery from the new collection.
Dinner & Drinks
On Saturday 29 October, an intimate dinner event was held in the Sistie Flagship Store at Kompagnistræde 10 in Copenhagen.
Here delicious sushi was enjoyed, mingled and the beautiful Anabel x Sistie jewelery collection was presented.
After dinner, the guests, including influencers, friends and family were invited to cocktails, music and fun. In addition to the delicious cocktails, small crispy chip bags from Kims and delicious drinks from Pepsi , Faxe Kondi , Royal Beer and Faxe booster were sponsored. The atmosphere was high, the music filled the premises and the shop, which the guests could explore and see the many fine jewellery.
It was a perfect and cozy evening in good company, where the celebration of sweetest Anabel and the collection was in focus.
Anabel Dermendjieva is 20 years old and is a singer/songwriter and influencer by day. You may know her from Tiktok, where she started by singing and posting covers, such as also helped to kick-start her career in both music and later the influencer industry.
Anabel has always dared to dream BIG!
"In the design of my jewelery collection, I have taken my roots and a Bulgarian expression as a starting point. The term can be translated into English "Casual Elegance", which describes a style that contains both the elegant and the relaxed expression"
Goodie bag
After a few pleasant hours, the guests got a delicious goodie bag with them, which contained delicious products sponsored by Lumene , Coach , Depend , Beauty Pacifique , E cooking , Essence , Batiste and Bangerhead .
They all also got an extra gift from Anabel and Sistie, as the goodie bag contained the beautiful ring from the Anabel x Sistie collection.
A huge BIG THANK YOU to all our fantastic sponsors for the beautiful and delicious contributions to our successful launch events.
See video from our event here:

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