Anna Briand x Sistie

"S tand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside - like a pineapple ;) " 



In connection with the launch of our Design Collab with influencer and YouTuber Anna Briand and her new jewelery collection , we held a small launch event on Saturday 7 November 2020 at the Parisian bistro, "Le Trois Cochons".
Anna's fans call her " Annanas ", and thus a pineapple has become a symbol and icon for Anna. From there, her inspiration for her new collection was born. Anna's jewelery collection consists of rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces with Anna's well-known pineapple motif , as a tribute to her many followers. 

Due to the new restrictions with a ban on gatherings of 10 people, the day was divided into brunch and lunch. To make the event as corona - friendly as possible , a delicious menu was ordered in advance for the guests, masks and hand sanitizer were provided. 

 For both brunch and lunch, the guests were welcomed , but outside the restaurant, where they received their own Anna Briand x Sistie mouth mask - with a fine logo and a yellow pineapple. Delicious goodie bags were also handed out to all the guests consisting of a Sistie net filled with lots of wonderful products and a fine Anna Briand x Sistie piece of jewellery. 
Le Trois Cochons served wonderful food and the atmosphere was top notch among Anna and her guests, who had their own room which was filled with good atmosphere, smiles and laughter. 
After eating there was a quiz about Anna - who knew Anna best ? It did not come as a surprise that the guests know Anna very well, and therefore of course they all got a nice prize. 

With croissants in their bellies and new jewelery and gifts in the net , the happy guests gathered outside in front of the restaurant for a joint picture. Fortunately, they are all trained in posing, now also wearing a mask, which you can see in the wonderful picture above. 

The phones were hot after the many stories on Instagram , where it was wonderful to follow along on the sidelines. With corona restrictions, it turned into a completely different launch event, but with a full focus on coziness, Anna and her jewellery. 


Thanks to our wonderful sponsors - 
The pink Sistie goodie bag was packed with delicious products from My Clarins , Ecooking , Beauté Pacifique , Narciso Rodriguez perfume, Depend , Murad, Matas and Lancome . 
The prizes for the fun quiz about Anna were sponsored by By Sofie Sønderby, Noble Savage, Le Lago Vêtemens, Frederikks Wærens , Lollys Laundry , My Clarins and of course gift boxes with beautiful jewelery from Anna Briand x Sistie . 
Thanks to Bronuts for the beautiful donuts decorated as pineapples 
Thanks to Temashop for the nice decoration 
Thank you to who made the fine masks for Anna and the guests 
Thanks to Le Trois Cochons, Cafe Cofoco for the cozy atmosphere and the delicious food. The Sistie team will definitely return for some delicious eating another day. 
Feel the atmosphere and the good mood in the video below 
Thanks to everyone who made this day successful, enjoyable and fun. 
Shop Anna Briand x Sistie here

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