On a photo shoot with sistie

It was 2:30 pm and we met at Torvehallerne at Nørreport st. It was overcast, absolutely perfect weather for the photoshoot to capture the soft light.

Sisters, friends, family and down to earth.

Our 4 models were from 13-20 years old and were either friends or siblings, simply ordinary girls. It was incredible what a clear connection there was to see between the 4 girls. Apart from the fact that two of them were siblings and thus related, they could all reflect on the others' experiences and goals in life. The best thing was that the day was incredibly calm and down to earth, which are important parameters for establishing the "Sistie" atmosphere. Shyness was a natural part of new acquaintances, but it clearly lessened when they had opened up to each other.

Photoshoot sistie Copenhagen

sistie copenhagen jewelry

Copenhagen environment, diversity and community.

The photo shoot was taken in the slightly rougher, but well-known Copenhagen environment, where diversity and community are especially visible in the beautiful countless streets. The trip itself was more like "a day with the girlfriend" where we all took a break with a bite to eat and something hot to drink. A little break and talk got us to land and the girls felt more and more comfortable and it could be seen in the pictures.

Sincerity, selfies and the right angle.

In addition to having an SLR camera with us, we also used mobile phones to bring out the more authentic expression. The girls themselves were allowed to take selfies where they were together and wore the jewellery. It created a sincerity and gave the right angle that the girls think was right for them. It is important for "Sistie" that it does not feel too stiff, but more natural, and therefore pictures of general situations were also shot, such as showing a picture to your friend or sitting and talking.

All in all a great fun day.

Do you also want to join the Photoshoot? Register for our event HERE.


  • Ingrid

    Jeg elsker smykker og vil rigtig gerne hjælpe jer med af få taget nogle fede billeder

  • Sienna Weis

    Ville virkelig gerne

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