Photo shoot on 28 June

On Sunday 28 June, Sistie met 9 cute girls in Copenhagen. Today we were going to a photo shoot! We met the girls at the Lé Lago Vêtements office, which is located by the beautiful Nyhavn. Lé Lago Vêtements sells the finest clothes in the most delicious pastel colors and we were lucky enough to be allowed to borrow some of the clothes for today's occasion.

The day started at 10 o'clock. When the girls arrived, we all started by introducing ourselves, and some of the girls came from far away, there was even one who came all the way from Funen. So they had been up early!

We started the morning with some coke and chips, and then it was time for the girls to put on a lot of Sistie jewelery and be styled in the beautiful clothes from Lé Lago Vêtements.

When all the girls were ready, it was otherwise just off. We had a cameraman with us, named Michael, to shoot the professional photos, and then it was just off and running.
We walked around Nyhavn and Kongens Nytorv to find cool walls, buildings and locations. Everyone knows that the background is very important when it comes to getting the perfect photos!

The girls were SO good all day and it was obvious that they loved having their pictures taken. There have been thousands of good Sistie pictures and we are just super proud of that.

After 4 hours of walking around, it was time for a break and some delicious lunch. We ate at a restaurant in Nyhavn and a few minutes after we sat down it poured down with rain. We had been so lucky with the weather that it only started to rain when we had finished. Very good timing!

The afternoon ended at Charmain's, where the girls also got a goodie bag with some delicious things to take home.

It was a fantastic Sunday in the company of some super cute model girls. THANKS!

Do you yourself have a dream of being a model for one day and are you happy to have pictures taken? Then enter the draw to take part in our next photoshoot, which we will hold around August / September.

Registration takes place here .

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