Photoshoot on the Hill

On Tuesday, September 28, Sistie had invited 10 cute girls along for a photoshoot and a nice afternoon on Bakken, in Dyrehaven.

The weather forecast had promised rain all day, but luck was with us and a clearing in the weather meant that the sun shone from the most beautiful blue sky all afternoon. Perfect photoshoot weather!

Most of the girls came straight from school, so when it was approx. At 15:30 all the girls had arrived and we could introduce ourselves to each other. We had packed a large bag with a lot of different Sistie jewellery, chunky rings and hair accessories, which the girls set about styling in the coolest ways for the pictures.

When all the girls were ready, we went around to find the best places to take pictures, so that we could shoot a lot of fantastic pictures, on the many beautiful and colorful walls that Bakken contains.

Along the way, we changed locations a few times to create variety in the pictures. Here we also came across some of the fun rides that worked well as a background for the pictures. It gave a cool and colorful Sistie feeling.
Along the way, we had fun, laughed and talked about everything between heaven and earth. So cozy!
Being a model can be hard, but we were prepared for that and had provided some sweets, snacks and soft drinks to keep the energy up.
After about 4 hours of photoshooting and with the last rays of the sun, it was time to pack up and head for warmer surroundings.
We ended the day at the super cozy Café Jorden Rundt, which is located on the beach road in Charlottenlund.
Here we had a delicious dinner and a last chat before the evening ended.
We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our beautiful Sistie girls who participated in our cozy photoshoot:
Alma, Anna, Caroline, Frida, Ida, Julie, Karen, Nikki, Smilla and Vigga.

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