Frederikke Wærens x Sistie

On Monday 29 August 2022, together with the influencer and cookbook author Frederikke Wærens, we invited to a jewelery launch event in Copenhagen. It was held in the Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand's old courtyard, where a cozy atmosphere was spread in the beautiful and rustic surroundings.
For the launch, 55 guests were invited, including influencers, friends and family of Frederikke, who continuously arrived between 14 - 17.

When the guests arrived, they were greeted by the sight of the beautiful surroundings decorated with decorations from Party Theme in pink, which is Frederikke's favorite color and also part of the jewellery. The courtyard with a French cafe atmosphere, had nice pink cushions and carpets everywhere, beautiful flowers on the tables from Happy Flower and set the stage for the guests to enjoy some pleasant hours in a relaxed atmosphere. The guests started by enjoying a delicious welcome drink from the Vinslottet and then the possibilities were many.

Located at the entrance, Cafe Lara had placed both a coffee cart with several different delicious coffees and a cart with hot crepes, which with various accessories were made exactly according to the guests' needs and wishes. In the bar, in addition to an extra glass of bubbly, guests could fill up on various drinks and get a delicious crispy croissant from Thorup's Bakery . There was even a small cozy mix-your-own candy stall full of pink candy from Slikboden .

There was fun and mingling in the atmospheric courtyard. The guests enjoyed the sweet temptations, all while the rays of the last summer's sun peeked out and some mood music was played in the background.

After half an hour, the guests were introduced to Frederikke and Sistie's design collab, when Sistie's owner and designer Kamille Østergaard spoke briefly to Frederikke, gave her congratulations and flowers while thanking her for their fantastic collaboration. Frederikke tells us about the collection:

" Being allowed to design my own jewelery collection together with Sistie has been a dream that has now come true. It has been incredibly inspiring to transform baked goods and goodies from my creative world in the kitchen into small miniature models in the finest jewelry, which can be used for both everyday life and parties ."

In the middle of the courtyard, the beautiful jewelery from the jewelery collection was set up, so that the guests could see the fine and unique croissants, caramel and cinnamon snail jewellery, which were personally inspired by Frederikke's great interest and skills in baked goods, where these are her favourites.

After a few pleasant hours, where the collection was celebrated in beautiful surroundings, the guests received a delicious goodie bag with them, which contained delicious products from Dr. Oetker , Kamelleriet , Thorups Bakery , E-cooking and Humdakin . They all also got an extra gift from Frederikke and Sistie, as the goodie bag contained a beautiful and fine croissant ring from the Frederikke x Sistie collection. In addition, guests could choose to get Frederikke's detailed recipe book with lovely recipes for all kinds of delicious baked goods.

A huge BIG THANK YOU to all our fantastic sponsors for the beautiful and delicious contributions to our successful launch event.

Thanks to Festtema , Happy Flower , Vinslottet , Vivø, Egekilde, Faxe Booster, Royal Beer, Faxe Kondi, Pepsi Max, Dr. Oetker , E-cooking , Humdakin , Karamelleriet , Thorups Bageri , Slikboden and Frederikke Wærens for the fine cookbook.

Watch our video from the event here:

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