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Don't know what gifts you should want for your confirmation? Or are you in the situation that your friend is to be confirmed, but you don't know what to give her as a present? Then we give you confirmation gift ideas here.

At Sistie, we focus on following fashion and you can therefore be sure that you will get some trendy jewelery that will be seen and noticed. We make a virtue out of having our finger on the pulse, as we want it to be the young people who design the jewelery themselves!

Sistie is a community brand for teenagers and young women, and unlike all other brands, Sistie jewelery is designed by young women for young women. Which means that your future confirmation jewelery is from young people to young people!

In week 5, we had the pleasure of having three super interns; Alma, Anna-Sara and Emilie. They were so kind to agree to model for Sistie wearing confirmation dresses from White and More.

White and More focuses on creating confirmation dresses that are both trendy and comfortable, so you can be true to your own style and have a great day. This is something we like at Sistie!

With our jewellery, we give you, as a prospective confirmand, the opportunity to create your own personal look on your special day. FAT, right?

Emilie chose to style her dress with gold-plated silver jewelery with colored zircons from our series " Elements ".

The jewelery gives a personal look with a little flair. Everything doesn't have to be so traditional, does it?

The smart thing about this set of jewelery is that the earrings can be bought individually. That is if you have an extra hole in one ear, but don't know what to use it for, you can take one of the four elements: water, wind, earth and fire in your ear. Whatever element appeals to you the most!

In addition, the ring is not closed. This means that it can fit more easily

all finger sizes. Easy!

Anna-Sara chose to style her dress with statement pieces from our " Olympia " series. It is a series that demands to be seen and that we imagine Cleopatra could have worn.

Anna-Sara has also chosen to add something classic to the look in the form of our little pearl " Young One Baroque ". Young One Barok manages to break with the modern and adds something feminine to the look.

Do you have a confirmation dress that has a high neck? Then you can do like Anna-Sara and combine the " Becca " and " Olympia " necklaces, so that it gives a feminine but chunky look. Becca adds something raw with the massive expression, which matches Olympia fabulously.
At least here at Sistie, we think that the Becca chain ties the look together nicely!

Are you the more artistic type, but at the same time love the sweet and feminine look? Then you can do like Alma and combine the " The Kiss " and " Lizzy " necklaces. The Kiss is not exactly a traditional confirmation piece of jewelry, but it does highlight your unique personality and style! The day is about the confirmand, so what's not to like?

Dashing earrings ” with the three white freshwater pearls add sweetness to the look. They contrast with the necklaces and tie the look together.

Should you give the gift? Are you worried about whether the packaging is nice enough? You don't have to be! We pack all orders neatly in Sistie boxes. A little trick: Find some wrapping paper and ribbon that is roughly the same color as the box you get the jewelry in. It just looks so stylish!

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