Olivia by Sistie event

On Saturday 5 September 2020, we held a big event in Street Mekka, Enghavevej in inner Copenhagen.
The event was held in connection with the launch of our Design Collab with the influencer Olivia Juliane Dahl. It was a super nice day with a lot of happy and wonderful influencers, family and friends.
Due to Corona, the event was held by two rounds of 100 guests, and the day was filled with joy, dancing and delicious snacks.

When the guests had arrived, Olivia's entrance was presented with a choreographed dance with three of her dance partners from Komera Neza. Dancing is a huge part of Olivia's everyday life and passion, which was clearly reflected in the event in the rough skate park in Copenhagen.
Afterwards, a welcome speech was given and the Olivia Dahl by Sistie collection was presented. Designer and owner Kamille talked about the whole process behind the development of the jewelery and the collaboration with Olivia Dahl as well as the story behind the jewellery.
After the presentation and the launch, the day consisted of good music and time to walk around and have fun with each other.
On the day, everyone had the opportunity to buy Olivia's jewellery. In addition, there was of course full flow of stories, posts and vlogs from Olivia herself and the many guests, so that everyone who could not participate could follow along.
Of course, it would not have been the same event without our sponsors - who must be thanked for their help in creating a great event.
We got delicious sandwiches from Fransk Spisehus , and they were super good!
In addition, a lot of snacks and good drinks were also provided. The sweet snacks were from both Fazer Danmark , Bronuts , fresh homemade ice cream from French ice house , Sea Man Chips , strawberries from Elegant Confection , protein bars from Barebells and Choko Choko Yeah as well as Skuub Bolcher with a nice Olivia Dahl by Sistie logo on it.
To quench our thirst between all the pleasant conversations, we had refreshing juices from Frankly Juice , soft drinks and water from Kildevæld , Bornholms Mosteri , Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri , Fiber water , State Energy , Naturfrisk and delicious smoothies from Froosh .
Our super nice flowers were from Munk Decor and Selfiecam made sure we got a lot of fun and good pictures.
Big thanks to all our lovely sponsors...

The day was full of energy, smiles and joy of dancing, and it was all very successful.
There were delicious goodie bags for all participants. A Sistie net which contained a lot of nice things. In addition, everyone got one of the fine Olivia Dahl by Sistie earrings.
Watch our mood video from the Olivia Dahl by Sistie launch event here:

Shop Olivia Dahl by Sistie here

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