Josefine & Olivia Dahl x Sistie - Perfume launch

In April 2021, we launched our first perfumes in collaboration with the sisters Olivia and Josefine Dahl. Josefine and Olivia Dahl love summer, sun, travel and good energy. Their perfumes are an invitation to everyone who wishes to join them on their dream journey.
"We want to share the feeling of 'leaping into life, living our dreams and passing on good energy and good vibes'"
On our big launch day on April 24, some of the girls' and Sistie's influencers received a big nice beach bag filled with delicious goodies and one of each of the girls' perfumes.
Due to Covid19 restrictions, we had to postpone our "normal" big launch event to Saturday 8 May.
The event was held in Copenhagen. First with brunch at the Boathouse, where a lot of beautiful girls and boys had great reunion after a long time apart. With the guests placed in the corporate section, they were surrounded by the most perfect sun, summer and beach theme. The weather was with us and the surroundings consisted of clotheslines with swimwear from LykkeliSwim, perfumes, sunglasses, sand and shells and goodie bags on the chairs.
The Boathouse was the perfect place for our little summer perfume event. The staff were top notch and the buffet consisted of the most delicious combination of fried eggs, corissants, fruit and even sushi!

We stuck to our sun and summer theme, and after brunch we gathered the company on the quay and boarded for a cruise in Copenhagen's canals. We had a wonderful trip on the water and the mood was high with sunshine, snacks and good relationships.

After several hours in the nicest company, we were able to mark the end of another mega cool and successful event with the sweetest Sistie VIPs. Once again, big congratulations to the Dahl sisters on their first perfume launch.

We are already looking forward to the next time we meet <3

Watch our video from the event here:

We would like to thank all our fantastic sponsors, both for the goodie bag and the event. You help make our day perfect. A big thank you to the Boathouse for fantastic service and delicious food. And thanks to Nettobående for our wonderful trip around the canals.

Sponsors of the event:

Lancome waterproof mascara . Australian Body Care . Matas, Micellar water . Depend nail polish . Make up from Essence . Yuaia Haircare hair vitamins . The Protein Kitchen, vegan protein bar . Beauty Pacifique Sun Spray . GOSH Copenhagen, coconut hair oil . BadeAnstalten, lip balms , Nocco, drinks .

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