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What is it like to be an intern at Sistie? What do you do and how long can you do an internship?

We are Sara Mathisen, 21 years old, and Sara Juhl, 28 years old. We are both students at KEA, Copenhagen's Business Academy and are studying Design Technologist with a specialization in marketing and communication. For 2.5 months we have been allowed to be part of the marketing department and put our knowledge from the training to the test.

Intern shoot

At the office, we have been met by a welcoming and energetic team who have welcomed us and introduced us to their work tasks. Throughout our course, we have been busy with various events. Among other things, it has offered the event of Anna Briand's jewelery launch, busyness with customer service and the month of December with a Christmas calendar. In the meantime, we have been working on video editing and smaller graphic tasks.

We have been responsible for creating SoMe content and therefore gained an understanding of what challenges there may be. However, we also had a lot of fun with it.

The trainees TAKE over

Has it been as expected?

Sara M:

As a starting point, I had expected to mostly be on the sidelines and not get so much responsibility. Fairly quickly, we were involved in the various tasks and were allowed to do a lot. A start-up meeting was held where we talked about what I wanted to achieve and get out of the internship. It has been really nice to have and start from, precisely so that at the end of the process you can look back and make sure you have gone through it all. The period has been busy, primarily in connection with the Christmas calendar, so it has been important to keep my mouth shut. It has given an insight into how it works in the real world, which was also the most important thing for me.

Sara J:

After hearing from friends that you have experienced how interns did all the boring tasks, such as providing coffee, cleaning up and other boring practical tasks. I was surprised by how much responsibility and how many exciting tasks we were assigned. We were also given free rein to create SoMe content, graphic work, shooting and editing pictures, blog posts and other things we could come up with that were relevant to Izabel Camille / Sistie. It has been exciting to be allowed to have the influence and to bring new input to the company that they could use, and to experience the hustle and bustle of Christmas. The course has gone beyond all expectations and I am happy to have this experience in my luggage.

Covid 19:

Unfortunately, our internship period has been affected by Corona, which has also had an impact on the process. Anna Briand's launch event had to be slightly adjusted so that it met the restrictions at the time, which also meant that we had to watch from home.

In addition to a Christmas calendar, December offered a photoshoot for the ss2021 collection at Izabel Camille. The shoot took place at Helsingør castle, which turned out to be really beautiful and charming. It was really fun to be there and have that experience. When you see a picture, you can quickly forget that it probably didn't look exactly like that when it was taken. Taking summer pictures in December can be difficult but can easily be successful.

In addition to the Christmas calendar and photoshoot, we were also sent home in December. This suddenly meant that the tasks were a little different. The mailbox was checked diligently and there were a lot of winners to be contacted.

All in all, we have tried a lot, the preparations for Christmas, the busy December and January with a little more profit. The course has been really educational and we would like to say thank you for the good experience we have had. As a student, it's really nice to try your hand at the curriculum in the real world, also with Corona. Virtual hug from here <3

See more of our experiences in our vlog on Sistie's YouTube Channel

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