Silke Kristensen x Sistie event

In connection with the launch of our Design Collab with influencer Silke Kristensen and her new jewelery collection, we held a launch event on Saturday 22 May 2021 at "The Lab" in Copenhagen.
Due to Covid19 restrictions, we had to postpone our original launch event on 10 April to Saturday 22 May.
To celebrate the launch day on April 10, we sent out the finest boxes filled with delicious products, flowers and jewelry to friends, family and VIPs by courier.
On the big launch day on 22 May, the day was all about delicious goodie bags, snacks, music and beautiful surroundings.
When the guests arrived, they were greeted with a welcome drink and a goodie bag with lots of delicious products as well as a piece of jewelery from Silke's jewelery collection.

The guests were then welcomed by Designer and Owner Kamille Carolina and Silke Kristensen, where the history and process behind the jewelery was presented.

"The jewelry was supposed to be an element that was in memory of my mother, who I lost back in 2010 to cancer. The small stone in the jewelry symbolizes the amber jewelry she had and reminds me of her."

The guests were surrounded by the finest surroundings with the most beautiful flowers made by Årstidens Blomster . In addition, we got the most delicious cakes from Strangas , sandwiches from The Lab Kitchen and lots of delicious snacks from Simply Chocolate , Kimber Foods , Aqua D'or and Nocco .

DJ Bastiaan filled the room with a high atmosphere, and there was room for fun and laughter.  

Our own beautiful Melissa Bentsen turned 22 on the day, which of course also had to be celebrated. She was therefore surprised with flowers and the finest cake made by our other sweet Sistie girl, Mia Persson.

Watch our video from the event here:

We would like to thank all our fantastic sponsors, both for the goodie bag and the event. You help make our day perfect.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors:

Mac Cosmetics, Prep + Prime Fix+ and lipstick . Femme Unique, Tan Booster . Ecocking . Beauté Pacifique, serum . GOSH lipstick . Depend, eyelashes and nail polish . Narciso Rodrigues, perfume . MyClarins, Re-boost and Re-Charge . Niles Jord, eyelash serum + discount code . Lakeroll, YUP . Murad . Matas . Kimber Foods, Nuts, Ice Tea . Simply Chocolate . Nocco, drinks . Natural fresh, drinks . Strangas, cakes . Easis, chips and chocolate bars . Riemann sunscreen . Derma, self-tanner . Essence, various products . Barebell's bars .

Thanks to everyone who made the day successful, enjoyable and fun. 

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