Sistie Fashion Show Event

Sistie expands! This spring, Sistie is no longer just a jewelry and accessories brand, but also a clothing brand. Sistie has, in collaboration with the influencers Anne Plejdrup, Amanda Guldager and Xenia Englert, developed the coolest clothing collections that can be bought here at The clothing launch was celebrated with a huge Fashion Show in Nørrebrohallen on 19 March 2022.

Saturday 19/3 at At 19.00 Sistie opened the doors to 400 expectant guests. With Lærke Bentsen as emcee, the evening started with a live performance by upcoming superstar Anabel Dermendjieva, who together with her dancers kicked off the show with her own song "That's on me"

The runway show consisted of 4 themes; Eventful Lush, New Romantic, 90s Street Vibe and Blitz Culture 80s and 15 super cool models. The models consisted of both girls and boys, many of whom had never modeled before. It was the most beautiful collection of different girls and colorful combinations of the clothes that were mixed from the different collections. During the show, Anabel continued to sing and after the first two themes, Olivia Dahl and her cool dancers came on stage and gave it maximum gas. The atmosphere was top notch!



After the catwalk, Lærke came back on stage and hosted the evening's competitions. Some super nice prizes were sponsored from, among others, LuxPlus , SuriSuri , Gua Sha , Ärlig , LLA Copenhagen , Axel Guldsmedens Hotel , Nectarine , Silfen , Stokværk as well as Rukiye and Fujifilm for 6 lucky winners. And in addition , ARKK Copenhagen raffled off 6 of the sneaks that the models had worn during the runway show. Sistie Owner Kamille Østergaard finally thanked the wonderful collab girls for their fantastic work with the collections, and handed out the most beautiful bouquets to all the girls and Lærke.



The theme and dress code for the evening was COLORFUL, Nørrebrohallen was decorated with colorful tulle, colored lamps and colored lights on the walls.

After the catwalk, the DJ took over from Anabel and invited the guests to dance. Delicious drinks and snacks from Fazer , Kims and Royal Unibrew , which sponsored all the delicious drinks, could be enjoyed throughout the evening. The atmosphere was top notch, guests were dressed in the most beautiful colors and had the most wonderful party mood!

During the entire evening, it was possible for the guests to take the coolest and most beautiful pictures in the two photoboots from Smilebox . Here the guests could print their own pictures or have them sent to their mobile - the pictures got funnier and funnier during the evening :)


Later in the evening, entertainers John Nini and Emma Helmark came and once again got all the guests going with song and shared TikTok dance. And as the icing on the cake, Olivia Obiefule from Danmarks Vildeste Danser ended the show with a fantastic performance on stage.

All the guests could around 23 go on into the night with high spirits and the nicest goodie bag with sponsored goodies from Barebells , Stimorol, Sæther , Aspire Brands , GOSH Copenhagen , Glow Studio , VitaYummi , Scandinavian Cosmetics and Sistie.

See more from the event here in our YouTube video:


Lärke Bentsen // Conferences
Anne Plejdrup // Influencer and clothing designer
Amanda Guldager // Influencer and clothing designer
Xenia Englert // Influencer and clothing designer
Olivia Gjelfort // Catwalk coordinator
Anabel Dermendjieva & co. // Singer
Olivia Dahl & co. // Dancers
John Nini // Entertainer
Emma Helmark // Dancer
Olivia Obiefule // Dancer
All our beautiful models

Nørrebrohallen // Venue
Danish DJ Service // Casper Pedersen
Live Company // Light and sound
Smilebox // Photobox
PussersPopcorn // Popcorn & Slush Ice
Acon Security // Guards
SineGinsborg // Make up and Styling

Fazer // Sponsor of sweets and chocolate
Kim's // Sponsor on chips
Mokai // Sponsor
Faxe Kondi Booster // Sponsor
Faxe Kondi // Sponsor
Pepsi // Sponsor
Royal beer // Sponsor
Egekilde // Sponsor

Barebells // Goodie bag sponsor
Stimorol // Sponsor for goodie bag
Sæther // Sponsor for goodie bag
Aspire Brands // Goodie bag sponsor
GOSH Copenhagen // Sponsor for goodie bag
Glow Studio // Sponsor for goodie bag
VitaYummi // Sponsor for goodie bag
Scandinavian Cosmetics // Sponsor for goodie bag
LuxPlus // Sponsor on prize
SuriSuri // Sponsor on prize
Gua Sha // Sponsor on prize
Honest // Sponsor on prize
LLA Copenhagen // Sponsor on prize
Axel Guldsmedens Hotel // Sponsor on prize
Nectarine // Sponsor on prize
Silfen // Sponsor on prize
Stokværk // Sponsor on prize
Rukiye // Sponsor on prize
Fujifilm // Sponsor on prize
ARKK Copenhagen // Sponsor on prize

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