Sistie on tour: Fashion fair

The other day there was Fashion Week and therefore Sistie went on a trip to two different fashion fairs in Copenhagen – Revolver and CIFF. Sistie has an ambition to be at a fashion fair next year, so we went to both fairs to get a feel for where we would fit in best.


Revolver - Øknsehallen:

On 30 January, Sistie went to the Revolver fashion fair in Øksnehallen, together with seven interns. Inside there was a small sea of different brands, where we were allowed to walk around between the stands and gather inspiration and sense what the upcoming collections have to offer. There was everything from clothes to jewellery, perfume, sunglasses and other trendy accessories.

Sara, one of our interns wearing Sistie jewellery.

What do you remember most about Revolver?

"I think it was incredibly exciting to see everyone in such different clothes. It's not the kind of clothes you see your colleagues or classmates wearing, so it was fun to have a look at what the different people were wearing." – Ace

“One thing that struck me was that there were so many international people! We met a lot of Swedes, but also heard English and French being spoken a lot.” – Desiree

"It's a real Nordic atmosphere in here, a bit of an eccentric vibe. There is something for every taste, yet all brands have the same exclusive, Scandinavian feel.” - Sara

CIFF - Bellacenteret

After the great experience at Revolver, Sistie took the team on to Amager to experience CIFF. When we arrived, we immediately saw that it was a completely different size than Revolver. It was super trendy, but much more broad and internationalized than Revolver, for example, was. There were more brands, more jewelry and a sea of stands with cool brands that have clearly made an effort with the aesthetics. There we also met Karen Simonsen, who has recently joined our board. Time was spent having fun and taking pictures and again figuring out how well Sistie would fit in at CIFF.

The trainees about CIFF:

"I think CIFF was so cool! It seemed that they appealed to a younger target group. There were several brands I knew and some clothes that I thought were really cool!” – Ace

"It's really big and very Instagram-friendly, haha. Since there are several brands and several companies, it is easier to find something that suits your taste exactly. It is, like Revolver, really well set up.” - Sara

It was a day full of good experiences and impressions. Sistie went home late in the afternoon tired but inspired. Wonder if you will see Sistie at one of the fairs next year? If so, where?

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