Intern at sistie

Who are we?

Our names are Andrea and Karoline, both live in Hillerød and love jewellery. Now we want to write a little about our week at Sistie. Being an intern is super cool! Or it probably depends a bit on where you are doing your internship. We were lucky enough to get an internship with Sistie, and it was really a cool and inspiring experience.

The new jewelry brand

We started the week off by being shown around and meeting the Sistie team. They were all very welcoming and nice, so it was definitely a good start. Every morning we packed web orders and did all the practical stuff. Eg. to fill up with boxes and arrange envelopes for web orders. We also talked a lot with Kamille, who told us about the new jewelery brand - Sistie. Kamille is the designer behind Izabel Camille and the new sister brand Sistie. The jewelry was really nice, and very much our style. That is why it was great that we were allowed to come up with our opinions and ideas for the project. We thought it was very exciting, especially because there was a focus on the young girls' brand, and therefore our opinions were also relevant to Kamille.

Cool Instagram pictures

During the week, we took a lot of cool pictures, such as was used for Sistie's Instagram. It was great to try on all the jewelry, but of course we also had some favorites. During the work with Sistie, we were around different places in Hillerød, with Sara who is an intern from KEA (Copenhagen business academy). She was super nice, and helped us with many of the photos for Sistie's Instagram and website.

Meetings the cool way

The first meeting we attended was with Sara and Kamille. Here we saw some cool drawings that Sara had made on her iPad, for their 1st Sistie collection. It was inspiring to see her ideas and thoughts about how the brand should develop in the future. On Wednesday afternoon, Karen Simonsen came, and we had a great meeting about Sistie's magazine and their Instagram feed. She was also very open to our ideas, so it was great to feel that what was said mattered.

Exciting experience

Overall, this week has been a success. We have definitely gained an insight into the jewelery industry and how it works. We have had the opportunity to influence various decisions, and have been allowed to try on a lot of cool jewellery. We have both been happy to be here and will not forget the experience.

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