Sistie Fashion

Sistie launches Sistie FASHION and our first clothing collection. In addition to the Sistie collection, together withAnne Plejdrup , Xenia and Amanda Guldager , we have designed 3 super cool Design Collab collections.

The Sistie FASHION collections will be launched on 19/3 at a big event in Nørrebrohallen in Copenhagen, where we will hold a huge launch party.

The collection can be pre-ordered on Saturday 19/3 at 15.00 here at

Anne Plejdrup

"One of the things that I attach great importance to, both in my everyday life and in my content on my profile, is that I am myself. I have no need to adapt to other people's attitudes, be envious of how others look or what others can and do, but I meet everyone with an open mind and love to find inspiration in others.

I want to inspire other young women to believe in themselves and let go of the need to compare themselves to others. Young women deserve to trust themselves and have confidence in themselves. Everyone is different, everyone has different needs, wants and dreams, and no one is the same."

Amanda Guldager

"Having designed my very own clothing collection with Sistie has been a huge experience and a very big dream that has come true. It has been a great honor to sit with such talented people for each of their things and create something SO fine and something I am very proud of!

Since I was little, I've really enjoyed both drawing and creating my own "dream clothing collections", which I also got confirmed when I tried my hand at design school when I was younger.

Xenia Englert

I have always had a great interest in clothes and fashion, and love to experiment with my clothing! I started as an influencer in 2019 and have since only become even more captivated by the fashion world. It has been the coolest experience to be able to design a clothing collection with Sistie! I'm so happy and proud of what we've done and look forward to being able to show it off and see other people doing it.

In my design process, I have had in the back of my mind that I wanted to design items that I myself felt I was missing. I often go looking for the perfect spring jacket, for example, and it has been the coolest thing to be able to make what I thought myself.

Launch 19/3-22

The collection will be launched on 19/3 and can be purchased here at at the end of March. Stay Tuned!