Sistie 2ND

Welcome to our new jewelery brand, Sistie 2ND, which is a sub-brand to our already successful jewelery brand Sistie. We are pleased to present a unique collection of jewelery designed for young women. At Sistie 2ND, we combine fashion, coolness and trendy statement styles with high quality and good prices. The jewelery is made of stainless steel and can therefore withstand water, perfume and cream. So you can use them every day and they will still look nice. What's not to like?

Statement jewellery

Chunky statement jewelery is the hottest trend and the perfect accessory to give any outfit an extra oomph. Whether it's chunky necklaces, a large bracelet or an impressive ring, the jewelery adds a unique and confident look.


Together, we must protect our planet and ensure that our lifestyles embrace sustainable jewelry design. Our production is certified and our jewelry boxes are made of FSC/Mix packaging, and jewelry plastic bags are made of degradable plastic.

Exceptional longevity and robustness

The jewelery is made of stainless steel and treated with PVD. This means that the surface is three times harder than the chrome plating, therefore enabling us to create a golden finish or sophisticated stainless steel with exceptional durability and scratch resistance. Not only is the surface harder, it is also ten times more resistant to scratches. This guarantees an extraordinary longevity and robustness for our sustainable jewellery.