Anabel Dermendjieva

Anabel Dermendjieva is 20 years old and is a singer/songwriter and influencer by day. You may know Anabel from TikTok, where she started by singing and posting covers, such as also helped to kick-start her career in both music and later the influencer industry. The jewelery will be launched on Sunday 16 October.

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My love for music

I love dressing up and wearing nice feminine clothes, but also love running around in a hoodie and baggy jeans. That is why it was super important to me that my jewelery could go to both parts. At the same time, this style represents the timeless jewelery I have always wanted for my own jewelery collection. As an upcoming artist, it has been so cool to create some jewelry that would go both for the relaxed weekdays in the studio and the more dressed-up days out and performing on stage. The jewelery is a great tribute to my Bulgarian roots and also symbolizes my love for music and my everyday life as an upcoming artist.


In the design of my jewelery collection, I have taken my roots and a Bulgarian expression as a starting point. The term can be translated into English "Casual Elegance", which describes a style that contains both the elegant and the relaxed expression.

The round, symmetrical circle that repeats itself in the jewelry has a slightly beaten surface that makes the expression raw and simple. In contrast to the simple chain and the small ocean blue zircon, the circle adds the fine and elegant angle to the whole look. Blue is my favorite color and for me means earthiness and calmness.