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Spring/Summer 24


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Mie Moltke x IC
650,00 kr
Majesty - Creole Gilt
500,00 kr


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Karina Arensbach x Izabel Camille

Karina has designed a jewelery collection in collaboration with Izabel Camille.

"I hope that my jewelry can be a loving reminder that no one's path in life is the same. You are welcome to go your own way ."

For me, the vision and message of my jewelery is about making others feel less alone, less wrong. For me, the road to life is about learning what and who I want to take with me on my life's journey. With the right people, you can do so much more.

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Amber - Earrings Gold plated
495,00 kr
Amber - Earrings Silver
495,00 kr
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Amber - Earrings Silver
695,00 kr


'You must be here as you are'

Mie has designed a jewelery collection in collaboration with Izabel Camille. With the jewellery, I hope and wish that women remind themselves that they are not alone.

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Pansy - Earrings Gold plated
695,00 kr
Pansy - Earrings Gold plated
450,00 kr
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Pansy - Earrings Silver
450,00 kr
Majesty - Creoles White Gilt
450,00 kr

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4.7 out of 5 | 81 reviews
Evald Hansen
Fast and good exchange service
We bought a thin gold chain (gold-plated silver) for our daughter as a present.
Super nice jewelry
Super fine jewellery, easy and fast service and fast delivery so 5 stars from here
Maria Birthin
A perfect purchase
An absolutely perfect buying experience. Easy ordering, fast delivery and the most beautiful earrings.
Kirsten Laursen
Great service.
My daughter got a pair of earrings for her birthday but she lost one on the beach. We could buy half an earring, and got them the best service. 1000 thanks :)
Good shop, good service, fast delivery :)
Have shopped in the store a few times and received the goods after a few days. Recommendable!

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