We all have our own story with us. And it is up to you how the rest should be written down. We are all unique and have things in our baggage that shape the path we choose in life.

"I hope that my jewelry can be a loving reminder that no one's path in life is the same.
You are welcome to go your own way

The stones in the jewelry are a pretty good symbol of my outlook on life. They each have their own story depending on the light that hits them. This is often the case with us as humans. Some days it can seem dark. But the sun will shine again and when the light hits you see new things. There is so much to explore.

With the jewellery, I hope that I can inspire to dare to go one's own way and that even though life can feel challenging and at times heavy, there is a way forward. And it's okay to shape it yourself.

Being a woman, mother and individual

It all suddenly made sense and I love my role as a mother. Now I am in a new place, where I have to learn both to be a mother and combine that with room for some of the other independent dreams I have for life. That's why this collection also really means a lot to me. Because it reflects the whole of me. Both as a woman, mother and individual.

My message

For me, the vision and message of my jewelery is about making others feel less alone, less wrong. For me, the road to life is about learning what and who I want to take with me on my life's journey. With the right people, you can do so much more.

"I have taken many detours and gone astray in order to live a life where I feel happy to the core"