Frederikke Wærens

Frederikke Wærens is 27 years old, cookbook author, influencer with several hundred thousand followers on Instagram and readers on her blog and Denmark's uncrowned cake queen. You may know Frederikke for the playful and mouth-watering videos and pictures of delicious cakes, desserts and food on Instagram and TikTok.

The jewelery will be launched on 29/8 and can be purchased in the webshop, Sistie Flagship Store in Copenhagen and at all Sistie retailers.

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"Being allowed to design my own jewelery collection together with Sistie has been a dream that has now come true. It has been incredibly inspiring to transform baked goods and goodies from my creative world in the kitchen into small miniature models in the finest jewelry, which can be used for both everyday life and parties."


Sweet treats

The elements I have chosen for the jewelery are croissants, caramels and of course cinnamon snails, which are some of my favourites. I love the way they have been turned into cute little icons of the sweet treats from my kitchen. The jewelery has a stylish and simple expression, and can therefore be used by girls and women of all ages. This is exactly the kind of jewelry I wear every day. I always wear earrings, rings and bracelets. When it needs to be festive, I also add a necklace or two. The small earrings with croissants and the fine gold bracelet have become my personal favourites, and I have been wearing the earrings since I received the first collection samples.

The details

The beautiful pink stones "peach moonstone" that sit in the necklace, bracelet and earrings are a perfect symbol of my pink universe that characterizes my blog and my studio kitchen. I have always loved colors, and even as a child I was allowed to choose the color for the walls in my room, and it was actually exactly the same delicate pink color that is now in the jewelry.

I think the pink stones go so beautifully with both the silver and gold jewellery, giving them a touch of colour, but still in such a way that the jewelery can go with everything.”