Gabriella Hallager


I have a dream to become an actor. I have been lucky enough to already be in various TV and theater productions, but I would like to do much more. Many of you probably know me best from Klassen at DR.

I love fashion, watching it change constantly and creating and being a part of it myself. I am half Mexican and am very inspired by both Latin American and Asian culture and design.

My thoughts behind these pieces of jewelery were mostly that they could be the centerpiece of a basic outfit. That way, you don't need the wildest outfit, because the jewelery itself is so colorful and special.

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My collection

The most important thing for me was that the jewelery should remind me of summer, which I love, and from the different styles, I chose the ones that were most indie inspired as I love those vibes. I love the result and think it has been very exciting to be involved in the whole process and now the jewelery can finally be bought.

The collection, which is made for young girls, is based on a very close collaboration between Sistie and me. Sistie has become a universe on social media where we young people can share ideas, styles and have fun together. It's actually super cool.

I have been inspired for the jewelery by the colors and the lifestyle in Mexico, but I have also just been on holiday in Spain and can see that there is also a lot here that is indie-inspired. So if you haven't just gone on summer holiday this year due to Corona, I'm sure my jewelery can bring a little extra sunshine and summer vibes to your outfits. Even if the sun hasn't shone that much in Denmark.