Josephine Livin x Sistie


"My name is Josephine, and on a daily basis I make a living from my social media. When I started my Instagram four years ago - and shortly after my TikTok - I never dared to dream of what it would develop into. My goal was however, clear from the start: To do away with that culture of perfection, which was close to killing me.

I spent so much time and energy living in the belief that I had to constantly be perfect - and look perfect. A perfectionism that extended far beyond a perfect digital life. Because suddenly I also felt like I had to perform in my real life - with perfect grades, a perfect body, perfectly done hair and makeup. Nothing short of perfect could do it.”

I'm good enough

However, the pursuit of perfection gave me a far from perfect life. It made me a shadow of myself. Suddenly eating disorders, stress, social anxiety, panic attacks and severe depression became my everyday life. I had to scrape the bottom before I could realize how my perfectionism came from a hunger for recognition. Only with the acceptance of others could I feel good enough. With that realization, my self-love journey began in earnest: For who was I really behind the glossy image? Getting to know myself has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. I now know that I am much more than what I just thought. Because I'm good enough just the way I am, and I always have been.

My silly, quirky and unpolished sides are just as much a part of me - and they help paint a picture of what I actually am: A human being.

We are all UNIQUE

The more I began to see these other sides of myself, the easier it became to accept them as strengths, rather than flaws. It also occurred to me that they could not be packed into boxes - but should be displayed in the same way as the "good" pages were. This has been the inspiration behind my jewelery collection. Because we are all so unique and we contain so much more than what we show by polished pages on our social media. My jewelery therefore represents everything that is me. It is not only the smooth, polished and perfect sides that come to the fore, but also the crooked and unpolished. For the same reason, my jewelery has both a smooth and a rough surface - to symbolize the whole of me, and thus not just the surface.

My hope today is that you, too, just be you. And that you will wear the jewelery with pride for all the aspects that you also include yourself. Because you are absolutely amazing the way you are.

You were created with a purpose. A purpose that extends far beyond your appearance, your grades or how much you perform in your digital life. You are good enough and you deserve to remind yourself of this every day going forward.

The jewelery is launched 24/8 and can be bought here at Sistieshop or from our
Sistie dealers .


The jewelery is launched 24/8 and can be bought here at Sistieshop or from our Sistie dealers .