Kathrine Fisker


Kathrine is 21 years old and comes from a small town north of Aarhus. "Since I was 12 years old, I've loved sharing my life online. Today, I'm lucky enough to call "it" my job. I share pretty much everything with my followers, as what I do most is "daily vlogging".

You can't escape the fact that coffee takes up a lot of space on both my YouTube channel, but especially also on my Instagram . So in addition to the meaning behind the stone, smoky quartz, the color also fits my little online universe perfectly.

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Positivity and earth connection

The brown stone, smoky quartz, is the focal point of my collection as well as the path in my necklace and bracelet. Smoky quartz symbolizes positivity and grounding. It helps to leave all negativity behind so that you can move forward and thus achieve your goals. This has always been incredibly important to me.

Creating my very own jewelery collection with Sistie is a dream come true. Seeing my idea go from a pencil sketch to a piece of jewelry that I can now wear every single day has been the wildest experience.


The collection will be launched on Sunday 7/11 and can be bought HERE and at our Sistie dealers .