Mia Emilie


When I got the opportunity to design my own jewelry collection, I knew I wanted to use organic shapes without straight or symmetrical lines, to express the "imperfect". Everything does not have to be equal and symmetrical. If you take a second look at the jewelry, you can also see that the surface of the two stones is not the same. They are different in color and they should not look alike, they are and should be different.

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Everything doesn't have to be perfect

The message and thoughts behind the jewelery is that you have to remember that everything doesn't always have to be completely "perfect". For me, the organic "imperfect" form is a symbol that you don't always have to be a perfectionist. It's okay not to be and not to do everything to perfection all the time. Although being a perfectionist for many is an entirely positive thing, I also believe that it is precisely this perfectionism that makes many young girls never satisfied with themselves and just keep striving for their own image of being perfect . I think you have to learn to find the positive both in your strengths and weaknesses. You can't be the best at everything, and not everyone is equally good at everything.

Colors create joy

In addition to the organic form, it was also important to me that the jewelery should have colours. I love colors, and for me colors are something that creates joy. And therefore of course there had to be colored stones on my jewellery. The jewelery should suit both those who already dress colorfully and those who don't. The colored details on the jewelery are a good opportunity to surround yourself with a little extra color for everyday life, as a little colored dot on top of your outfit.

"You can't be the best at everything, and not everyone is equally good at everything"

This does not mean that you should jump over where the bar is lowest or be satisfied with not doing your best, but that you should learn to prioritize so that you can be "perfectionist" and use your energy on something you consciously choose. It can either be what you want to learn or get better at, or what you are passionate about and which really means something to you