Silke Kristensen - Drop 2


My new jewelery collection with Sistie is an extension of my love for the sea and nature. A feeling that I want to convey with my new collection; Ocean Waves Both the unknown and the calm it provides. The sea reflects the ups and downs of life and that is what makes it beautiful and breathtaking and awakens emotions in one.

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Love for nature and the sea

My last collection was inspired by amber and my mother's love for amber, so my next inspiration should be based on the fascination my mother and I have always shared for nature.
When searching for amber along the beach, it is impossible not to find seashells, stones and conch shells, so that became my next source of inspiration for Ocean Waves. I have always collected various stones and shells from the beach in Tisvilde near my home, and it is precisely these that have been the source of the jewelery you will experience in the Ocean Waves series.

I hope that the jewelry will bring your senses to life every time you wear the jewelry.