We are looking for an 8-hour student assistant for the new Flagship Store in Copenhagen City.

In May, we will open our first flagship store in Copenhagen
City. We are therefore looking for a committed and sales-oriented student assistant who
love the energy and possibilities of community brands.

Izabel Camille is a jewelery brand that exudes femininity and
romance. Sistie is the universe for jewellery, clothes and accessories. Both brands accommodate
the energy and stories of many cool women who through a creative process
each telling their own story.

The store must form the framework for a very special concept, where
in addition to selling clothes, jewelery and accessories, there must also be space for fun and events
of events, campaigns, photoshoots and misc. activities. The shop must be full of hay
activity and wild energy.

You must work in collaboration with the store manager and the rest
staff, build and realize the concept in a city store with a completely unique


• You love jewellery, fashion, social media and can identify with Sistie and Izabel Camille
• You love and thrive on innovation and can turn ideas into action
• You are ambitious and structured.
• You can maintain calm and overview during busy periods
• You want to ensure a high level of service and the best customer experience
• You want to give the customer a positive customer experience, have high morale and a good mood


• Customer service and guidance
• Clean-up and cleaning
• Assist at events and arrangements held in the store

See more

Izabel Camille, web: www.izabelcamille.dk, Insta: izabelcamille_official

Sistie, web: www.sistieshop.dk ,
Insta: sistieshop

If the above is the job you dream of, we will look forward to it
to receive an application together with your CV which you can send to Birgitte
Milling – by email bm@izabelcamille.com .

If you have questions about the position, you can call Kamille Carolina
Østergaard on 2183 2223.

Full-time position with entry on 1 May 2022.

Application deadline: ongoing