Behind the scenes - GIVEAWAY Bronuts

On Tuesday 26 January , three interns, Marika, Josefine and Simone , visited Bronuts . We had to go out and take pictures for the super cool giveaway .  

We started the day by meeting at Josefine's home in Copenhagen. Because of corona we work from home a lot - so it was great , that we were given the task of shooting the pictures for the giveaway , as well as meeting Bronuts ' faces externally .  

We were supposed to meet Türker and Ninos at 14, at Bronuts inside Vesterbrogade . When we arrive, we are greeted by the two funnies guys who were full of energy! They are absolutely as nice and funny as they are on social media.  

They joked with us, so we quickly felt welcome in the company of the Bronuts boys.  

We took a lot of cool pictures as well as videos. When we finished taking pictures and recording the video, it was time to go back to Josefine's apartment. Here we had to take some more pictures for the Giveaway . Türker and Ninos gave us a lot of different br onuts to take home so we could take some good pictures for Instagram.  

It was great to have the opportunity to see how it works when two companies work together a giveaway . On top of that, it was a fun experience to meet the creator of Bronuts !  

To continuously get an insight into behind the scenes with us three girls, follow along here on the blog and as always on our instagram - sistiejewelry

Hugs from the interns  

Marika , Josefine and Simone


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