Internship at Sistie for 6 months

Sara and Sophie, both 23 years old, are studying 'Jewellery, technology and business' at the Copenhagen Business Academy KEA. They have completed a 6-month internship at Sistie.

Why was the internship at Sistie?

Sara: The size of the business and location – that it is a business instead of a store was also important to me. I wanted to learn something about branding strategies, promotion and social media. In addition, it is some beautiful jewelry.

Sophie: I wanted to make jewelry, but also learn something about marketing. Sistie has a design team in Denmark, so here I could get close to the design process as well.

A day at Sistie's

It has been busy at Sistie the last 5 months. Sara and Sophie have become familiar with many different kinds of tasks. You never quite know what the day will look like. It's about having a lot of balls in the air and always being ready to change, but that's also what makes it exciting.

Sara: I have been given a lot of responsibility and influence at Sistie, so I have felt that my work was appreciated and that I was recognised. It has been really nice.

Sophie: I sometimes got a little nervous at first and felt that I wasn't quite mature enough to make such big decisions. Sistie taught me to rest in myself and trust that I have it under control.

Is it hard to be an intern?

The girls have also felt the pressure that Sistie sometimes has. Even as an intern, you become an integral part of the work processes and there are deadlines to be met.

Sophie: I feel pressured when the others are pressured. You don't just have your own area; you are in it all.

The tasks at Sistie

There are many different things to look out for and the interns are allowed to be part of it all. You don't just pick up coffee or go out with cardboard boxes, but you are allowed to participate in everything that the employees also do.

Sara: It's been really mixed. Counting items, posting content on their social media, taking pictures, holding events, designing jewellery. We have also made a Christmas calendar for Sistie. We've really been all over the place, which was cool.

The surprising thing about practice

In practice, it is not the school's image, but the real world you encounter. In the school, everything is automated, technical and the process is error-free. In school there is a lot of structure, but in the real world you sometimes have 5 minutes to make a decision and then you have to move on.

Running a business is hard work and there are so many things that need to be taken care of that you don't always think about - at Sistie you get an insight into it all.

Internship at Sistie and the plan for the future?

Sara: It has been very educational. It has been really cool to see how they run the company and the whole process of the Sistie launch.

The girls saw Sistie brought to life from just an idea. It will be quite strange that the two girls are no longer there.

Sophie: It's a really good insight into starting out independently. We have gained a great deal of knowledge about very specific things as well, which can help us a lot in the future.

The girls would like to start their own jewelry business one day. The internship at Sistie was a really good springboard for the two girls, who will miss their time here.

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