Signe Kragh x Sistie launch

In connection with the launch of our Design Collab with YouTuber Signe Kragh and her new jewelery collection, we held a wonderful launch event in the heart of Copenhagen on Saturday 11 September 2021.
The event was held at the Ravage restaurant with the most delightful French atmosphere and the most beautiful view of Kgs. Nytorv.
40 VIPs were invited to the launch, who all received a delicious goodie bag filled with delicious products from Karamel Kompagniet, Louise Nørgaard, Luxplus, Lyko, L'oreal Paris and B-uniq.

Along the way, cold drinks, a delicious French lunch and dessert were served.
The beautiful flowers from flowering lifted the whole room and fit perfectly into the finest surroundings with the yellow walls and French style.
Signe Kragh's collection consists of earrings, necklaces and rings with a very special message behind:
Show your Imperfections

Signe Kragh says that her jewelery should be a reminder - that we should rest in ourselves and all the differences that make us exactly who we are.

The jewelery is a bit "crooked" and unpolished, to emphasize that we all have some imperfections that we want to show off! So if, like Signe Kragh, you have a hidden illness or are hiding something, it can be shown through the jewellery.

" Since I was 11 years old, I have lived with an inflammatory bowel disease, and I don't want to hide it away. It puts its limitations in my everyday life. But instead of letting it stop me, I have chosen to EMBRACE that, and the scars the disease has left on my body! ” – Signe Kragh.
The whole process behind the jewelery collection was presented by Signe Kragh and owner of Sistie; Camille Østergaard.
Here, a beautiful bouquet was also presented to Signe to congratulate her on her very own and unique collection as well as the beautiful message.
To support today's message, Signe had done an interview with 5 of her followers who themselves live with imperfections. The girls were a big part of Signe's photoshoot and also participated as guests at the event, where the interview was shown and talked about.
All the guests to the event also had the opportunity to show their own unique sides using instax cameras, which were on the tables. Once they had taken pictures, the brave could share them on a bulletin board and show them off.

In our imperfections, we shine a little bit more

- Signe Kragh

See our video from the event here

A big thank you to all our fantastic sponsors

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