Sara Hoydahl

@sarahoydahl " My jewelry collection is a tribute to my parents. It represents my upbringing and the values I received from my parents. Ever since I was little, I have loved jewelry! Throughout my life, butterflies have had a great meaning. My father always taught me that to achieve your goals, you have to be independent and determined. That represents the butterfly to me, and it motivates me to work hard and stay on track." The jewelery will be launched on 28/5

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The waveform represents the best advice I got from my mother; Calmness and restraint. In an everyday life full of new impulses, it can be difficult to stop for a while. But remember to take it easy and trust your gut.

Launch on 28/5

The jewelery will be launched on 28/5 and can be shopped here on the site and at Sistie dealers.